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Configuration Management according to SAE EIA-649-1 (CMPIC 10)

SAE EIA-649-1, Configuration Management Requirements for Defense Contracts, defines requirements for a Defense enterprise implementation of EIA-649 in an acquirer/supplier contractual relationship. These requirements are intended to be tailored by the acquirer and cited in contracts, or similar agreements, with Suppliers to establish requirements for Configuration Management tasks consistent with ANSI/EIA-649 and each of its functions and principles. This standard applies to commercial as well as government organizations. It offers valuable advice on requirements for achieving successful CM implementations. Its authors come from various commercial and government backgrounds and are experts in the field of CM.

CM Master Certificate: Successfully visit courses CM 1+3 (CMPIC 1-4) and CM 6+10 (CMPIC 6 + 10) and gain the official CMPIC Master's Certification in Enterprise Configuration Management.


  • Day 1

    • SAE/EIA-649-1 Rationale, Foreword, Contents Overview 

    • Introduction and Section 1.0 Scope 

    • 2.0 References 

    • 3.0 CM Requirements and 3.1 Planning Management 

    • Workshop #1 

  • Day 2

    • 3.2 Configuration Identification 1 of 2      

    • 3.2 Configuration Identification 2 of 2      

    • Workshop #2      

    • Configuration Change Management 1 of 2      

    • Configuration Change Management 2 of 2      

    • Workshop #3 

  • Day 3

    • 3.4 Configuration Status Accounting      

    • Workshop #4      

    • Configuration Verification and Audit      

    • Workshop #5      

    • Table 1 Cross Reference for Principles from ANSI/EIA-649      

    • Table 2 and 3 DIDs and DD Forms and 4.0 Notes      

    • Annex A Tailoring Worksheet (annotated)      

    • Certification Exam 


Target group

  • Defense Acquirers and/or Suppliers who want to understand CM requirements placed on acquisition contracts per industry standards.

  • Organizations who will have EIA-649-1 tailored requirements called out in contracts.

  • Any organization wanting to place industry standard CM requirements on contracts.

  • CM professionals who are considered CM Subject Matter Experts. 


Duration: 2 1/2 Days in Munich or Online
Time: 09.00 - 17:00 h
Language: English
Participants: 3-12
Price: 1.460,00 €*

* excl. VAT; our general terms and conditions for seminars apply


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