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Design Assurance Guidance according to ED80/DO-254

for Airborne Electronic Hardware

ED-80/DO-254 application is meanwhile required as an important qualification for the certification in civil aviation. This seminar deals with all aspects of applicability and contains a widespread overview of required activities and documents.


  • Overview regulations and standards

    • Overview Safety Assessment according to ARP4754A

    • EASA CS 25 § 1309

    • EASA/FAA Electronic Hardware Development Assurance Requirements

  • Failure Conditions - Design Assurance Level (HW DAL Level Definition)

  • Status, overview and applicability of DO-254, and impact on implementation through EASA Certification Memoranda, EASA AMC20-152A and FAA AC20-152A.

  • Hardware Design Life Cycle Processes

    • Hardware Planning Process  

    • Hardware Design Processes  

    • Supporting Processes

      • Validation and Verification Process

      • Configuration Management Process

      • Process Assurance Process  

      • Certification Liaison Process

  • Additional Considerations

    • PLDs, FPGA, ASICs Development 

    • COTS and Complex Hardware (Microcontroller Classification and Selection) 

    • Product Service Experience 

    • Tool Assessment and Qualification​

  • Design Assurance Considerations for Level A and B


Interest group

  • Hardware Engineers

  • Projectmanager

  • Quality assurance with experience on hardware-development



  • Aviation (civil, military)


Duration: 2 Days
Time: 08:30 - 17:00 h
Language: German, English
Participants: 3-12
Price: 1.370,00 €*
Early Bird: 1.250,00 €*

* excl. VAT; Early Bird until 4 weeks before start of seminar, our general terms and conditions for seminars apply



  • Roger Plieske

"Sehr gutes und lehrreiches Seminar, gute und lebendige Diskussionen!"


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