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Software Development according to
ED12B/DO-178B and ED12C/DO-178C

In civil aviation it is very important that already at the beginning of a project all important demands and constraints for the software development are known and that their consequences have been understood. One focus of the training course is the efficient implementation of important demands so that the projects can be realised within an economically reasonable frame, while at the same time meeting the regulatory authorities' demands.


  • Overview airworthiness certification authorities, regulations and standards

    • EASA CS 25.1309 and AMC 25.1309

    • EASA Certification Memo „Software Aspects of Certification”

    • Overview Airbus GRESS/ABD 0200/ABD 0100

    • Overview Safety Assessment according to ARP 4754A/ARP 4761

  • Failure Conditions - Design Assurance Level (SW-Level Definition)​

  • Software Planning Process

    • SW Life Cycle Processes (different process models)

    • Overview Planning documents

  • Software Development Processes

    • Software requirements-, software design-, software coding-/software integration processes

  • Software Verification Process

    • Test methods, optimized testing strategy, test execution, test environment

    • Test coverage requirements (requirement-based test coverage , structural coverage analysis

    • Verification Reviews

  • Additional Considerations

    • Additional important certification aspects, such as partitioning, tool qualification, COTS SW, on board real time scheduler (RTS), product service history

  • Integral Processes

    • SW configuration management, SW quality assurance, certification liaison processes

  • Status/outlook/overview ED12C / DO-178C


Interest group

  • Software engineers

  • Quality assurance representatives with experience in software development



  • Aviation (civil, military)


Duration: 3 Days
Time: 08:30 - 17:00 h
Language: German, English
Participants: 3-12
Price: 2.100,00 €*
Early Bird: 1.990,00 €*

* excl. VAT; Early Bird until 4 weeks before start of seminar, our general terms and conditions for seminars apply


  • Katja Stecklina

  • Roger Plieske

  • Ronny Richter

  • Markus Manck

"Sehr angenehme Atmosphäre und kompetente Wissensvermittlung"


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